Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps

This policy relates to apps installed via app stores such as Google Play or Apple Store. The same privacy policy applies to all mobile apps created by My Site Creations.


My Site Creations collects a minimum of information through its apps. What information it does collect is through the app stores and is not personally identifiable. When you email My Site Creations for support, the information you submit is only used to provide support to you. Your data is never sold or used for advertising.

Information Accessed or Collected

My Site Creations does not collect any personally identifiable information from you unless you provide it via the link to email for support. The app does not contain any programming that collects information from app users. Our apps do not track user actions.

Our apps may request access to your device microphone. This does not mean we record audio or that the app has that capability. The plugin being used for audio playback has the capability of recording data, but that functionality has not been implemented in our apps.

The app stores that distribute the apps made by My Site Creations may collect anonymous data such as number of installs, number of active users, and number of app crashes. If you purchase an app created by My Site Creations, your currency, country, city, state, postal code, and device type is collected for tax purposes, but your name is not disclosed.

App stores also provide a means for you to submit a review of the app, in which your identity may be displayed.

Data Use and Sharing

When you email My Site Creations for support, your information may be shared with other support personnel to assist with solving your problem. It will not be sold nor used in marketing. The email may be archived for reference in case you were to contact us again. My Site Creations does not take any steps to encrypt or safeguard information provided to us via email.

Anonymous data is used for evaluating the effectiveness of our efforts in serving you.


If you have any questions or would like clarification on our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us.